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Amazing memory power by Mohammed Raisul Islam

Mohammed Raisul Islam (26th Apr 2010) from Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, have made a record with amazing memory power. He identifies 196 countries  flag along with their

October 13, 2016 Creative, Fastest

Largest Daisy flower fabric model

U.Elavarasi (20th May, 1981) from Chennai, Tamilnadu have set a record by making largest daisy flower fabric model measuring 1000 sq.ft. Using velvette lace material.

October 13, 2016 Creative, Largest

Largest Pen Dots Sketch by Mayur Bharatsing Girase

Mayur Bharatsing Girase(29 Dec 1996) from Pune, Maharashtra  have made a record in “Largest Pen Dots Sketch” by sketching an image with small distinct dots

August 28, 2016 Creative, Indian Achievers, Largest

Sharad and Bharat Gandhi by facial gestures with vocabulary of 70,000 words

Sharad Gandhi (May 18, 1971) and Bharat Gandhi (September 4, 1976) from Gujarat, India, invented a sign language to communicate in the year 1992. Their


Latchara Sivakumar amazing memory power

Latchara Sivakumar (Aug 26, 2011) from Nagercoil, Tamilnadu, of age 4.5 yrs with amazing memory power have made a record by reciting 205 names which


L.Eswar Rao arts more than 500 bottles.

L.Eswar Rao(21st October 1979) from Puri, Odisha, India have made a record with most number of bottles art without any cutting. He made different types of

August 21, 2016 Creative, Indian Achievers, Smallest

Collection of Five Rupees Coins

Nagotula Vinod Naidu (Born April 23, 1992) from Bangalore, Karnataka has created a record of “Collection of Five Rupees Coins” with 67 different Five Rupee

February 24, 2016 Creative, Indian Achievers, Smallest

15800 participants uniformly dressed singing 6 patriotic songs in Belagavi

Most participants singing patriotic songs simultaneously by one institute, Maratha Mandal Group of Institutes ,Belagavi Karnataka organized an event on the republic day 26th Jan 2016 15,800 participants uniformly

February 08, 2016 Creative, Largest

Longest Blindfolded Classical Hula Hoop Dancing Marathon on Pot

Koteswari Muthu Kannan (March 06, 1985), Chennai, Tamilnadu, India – made individual record on “Longest Blindfolded Classical Hula Hoop Dancing Marathon on Pot” for 3

January 29, 2016 Creative, Longest

Most Pen Pal Letters Collection (4500 Letters)

Anil Tamrakar (Born 4th July, 1967) from Madhyaprdesh, India. Has created a record of “Most Pan Pal Letters Collection”. He Has 4500 Pen Pal Letters

January 29, 2016 Creative, Largest Collection
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