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Rajapriya Arulmurugan made a hairbands with scrap

Rajapriya Arulmurugan (Jun 05, 1989) from Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu  

Philips Stanley involved in 40 different outdoor adventure activities

Philips Stanley (Feb 21, 1970) from Bangalore, Karnataka, as an Assistant  Registrar at Alliance University under Alliance Adventure Club in Bangalore had involved  in  40 different

S.Mohammed Faheem amazing memory power

S.Mohammed Faheem(31st Dec 2003) from Ramanathapuram,Tamilnadu with amazing memory power recalls and recites the day of any date between the year 1 and 5000

Narender Singh Youngest Man to Climb Mount Everest.

Narender Singh (Dec 15, 1994) from Rewari, Haryana  have made a record as the youngest man of age 21 to climb and reach the Mount

Hardik Rastogi created new model of home made bike.

Hardik Rastogi  (Dec 19, 1999)  from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, have made a record by making a bike with average mileage of 45 Km/L at home

Vijaya Mohan Koppineedi, wrote “SAIRAM” on 1,33,333 rice grains

Vijaya Mohan Koppineedi (Nov 18, 1989)  from west godavari, Andhra Pradesh, have made a record by writing “SAIRAM” in Telugu language on most number of rice

Most participants performing longest Skatealon relay for 51 hours.

425 skater participants in longest Skatealon relay. To motivate and create awareness among the children about the sacrifices done by Indian army. Shivganga roller skating

R Suhin Dev – Identifies the pictures of 50 car models

R Suhin Dev (Oct 29, 2012) from Ramanathapuram, Tamilnadu, Identifies the pictures of 50 car models with its brand name in 3 minutes in any

Kanchan Shetye

Kanchan Shetye (Apr 08, 1961)  from Akola, Maharashtra, have created 260 Lord Ganesha Statues and 300 other God statues  by painting Sand Stones using Oil paint.

BAN LABS from Rajkot, Gujarat

BAN LABS from Rajkot, Gujarat have made record by collecting 70,000 people wishes at single venue to show gratitude to Shri Vaishnavacharya Param Pujya Go.108

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