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India Smallest Envelope by Amit Mukesh Bhai Chauhan

Amit Mukesh Bhai Chauhan (October 21, 1994) from Jamnagar, Gujarat have made a record by making smallest paper envelope measuring 10.36 x 5.82 mm(length x

Vijaya Mohan Koppineedi, wrote “SAIRAM” on 1,33,333 rice grains

Vijaya Mohan Koppineedi (Nov 18, 1989)  from west godavari, Andhra Pradesh, have made a record by writing “SAIRAM” in Telugu language on most number of rice

Latchara Sivakumar amazing memory power

Latchara Sivakumar (Aug 26, 2011) from Nagercoil, Tamilnadu, of age 4.5 yrs with amazing memory power have made a record by reciting 205 names which

L.Eswar Rao arts more than 500 bottles.

L.Eswar Rao(21st October 1979) from Puri, Odisha, India have made a record with most number of bottles art without any cutting. He made different types of

August 21, 2016 Creative, Indian Achievers, Smallest

Collection of Five Rupees Coins

Nagotula Vinod Naidu (Born April 23, 1992) from Bangalore, Karnataka has created a record of “Collection of Five Rupees Coins” with 67 different Five Rupee

February 24, 2016 Creative, Indian Achievers, Smallest

World smallest world cup by Ravi Chandra K.U

Ravi Chandra K.U (January 2nd, 1980) Goldsmith from Bhadravathi, Shimoga, has made a smallest world cup with 20 milligram gold in one week

September 03, 2015 Creative, Smallest

Two inch T-Shirt by Tirupur Karthick

All the outfits are about 1.5 to 2 inches long by Tirupur Karthick

February 05, 2014 Smallest

World Smallest Book Creator

1 cm width & 1 cm height book(66 Poems in 66 different languages) Smallest Book readable by naked eyes. by Sathar Adhoor, Kerala

September 14, 2013 Smallest

2035 Eye drawing in one post cast

Jack Selva created a 2035 eye drawing in one post cast for eye donates

July 14, 2013 Smallest
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