Fastest Mental Math Calculation

Nandini Mittal  (14th November, 2003) student of Trendz Abacus, Kota (Rajasthan) performed Mental Math Calculation at Kota on June 28th 2016, successfully Breaking/Leveling Previous National Records thus Awarded with Fellowship of Record Achiever’s Club

With following Details



Digit & Rows

Previous National Record


Fellowship Score

Time Previous Record Score Record’s Edition Year
Addition Subtraction 1d (4r) 1 Minute 43sums 2013 46 sums
Addition Subtraction 2d(2r) 1 Minute 43 sums 2013 51 sums
Addition Subtraction 2d(3r) 1 Minute 21 sums 2013 24 sums
Addition Subtraction 3d(2r) 1 Minute 14 sums 2013

24 sums