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8.5 cm Longest Hair in Neck by Vinod MC

IABOR Registration No: 13420172789 –  Vinod MC (May 19,1987) from Bangalore,Karnataka have set Indian record for having longest hair on neck ...

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3 Years old Extraordinary Memory Power of 2019

IABOR Registration No: 13420172788 –  Tarun S (May 03, 2016) from Bangalore, Karnataka, youngest talented kid with extraordinary memory power and self-learning ...

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World’s largest static website by Amit Sharma

IABOR Registration No: 13420172785 – Amit Sharma (Born on Aug 20, 1984) from New Delhi, have made a world record by ...

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365 days different Special Alankara

Dr. Sutram Kiran Kumar Sastry (Born on Aug 30th, 1975) from Bangalore, Karnataka has made a record by doing different ...

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3 Years Old Youngest Talent

IABOR Registration No: 13420172778 – Annanya Shah (Born on Jan 18th, 2016) from Pune, Maharashtra is the youngest talent in calculating ...

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5 Years youngest mandala artist to make 31 paintings solely

IABOR Registration No: 13420172778 – Vihaan Sanghvi (Born on Jan 3rd, 2014) from Jaipur, Rajasthan is the youngest mandala artist to make ...

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5 Years youngest played National Anthem on keyboard using right hand alone.

IABOR Registration No: 1342017277 – Aaradhaya Singh (Born on Jun 29th, 2014) from Mumbai, Maharashtra is the youngest to play National ...

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