L.Eswar Rao arts more than 500 bottles.


L.Eswar Rao(21st October 1979) from Puri, Odisha, India have made a record with most number of bottles art without any cutting. He made different types of carving in Most Number of Materials like – Areca nut, Battery Lead, Chalk piece, Colour Crayons, Coal, Clay, Glass, Fiber, Pencil, Paper, Rice, Rubber, Stone, Soap, Tablets, Turmeric, Tamarind seeds, Thermocol, Wood, Water filter, Candle and Wax placing inside the bottle of size varying from 2ml to 2L. His art includes Emblems, monuments, flags, Trophies, deities and temples on events like Republic Day, Independence Day, and Women’s Day etc. He has his arts more than 500 bottles.


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