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Saksham Yadav performed Fastest Mental Math Calculation Record

Fastest Mental Math Calculation


Saksham Yadav (21st August, 2004) student of Trendz Abacus, Kota (Rajasthan) performed Mental Math Calculation at Kota on June 28th 2016, successfully Breaking/Leveling Previous National Records thus Awarded with Fellowship of Record Achiever’s Club

With following Details

Operation Digit & Rows Previous National Record Fellowship Score
Time Previous Record Score Record’s Edition Year
Addition Subtraction 1d (4r) 1 Minute 43sums 2013 43
Addition Subtraction 2d (2r) 1 Minute 43 sums 2013 43
Addition Subtraction 3d (2r) 1 Minute 14 sums 2013 19
Recurring Addition Marathon 1d 1 Minute 136 Steps 2016 138 Steps


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