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Vaibhav Garg – Fastest Mental Math Calculation

National Record 2020 – Fastest Mental Math Calculation                                                                

VAIBHAV GARG (Born Dec 15, 2005) Student of Trendz Abacus, Kota (Rajasthan) Performed Mental Math Calculation at Kota on May 26th 2019, Successfully Breaking Previous /Setting New National Records Thus Awarded With National Record 2020

With following Details



Category  Detail  Final Score

(Correct Sums)

Time Taken


Month Codes   103 Sums 1 min
SQUARE ROUTINE ORDER 2-Digit 126 Sums 1 min
Day Codes   120 Sums 1 min
ADDITION        2-Digit (20 Row) 14 Sums 5 min
ADDITION       2-Digit (20 Row) 4 Sums 1 min

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